“Wine” chips and suitably elegant tasting glasses will be supplied for your event.
But sometimes it is the ostensibly minor details which can be decisive in transforming your Casino event into a unique and memorable experience:

Chip bag
The greater the attention paid to detail, the greater the impact. Take, for example, the gambling chips, which your guests receive in attractively-designed bags.  

The colour of the chip bag can also be chosen and even branded to match to match the Corporate Identity.

Award ceremony
The presentation of prizes to the player gaining the highest value of chips forms the culmination of an unforgettable event. We will gladly advise you on issues such as prizes to match the theme, eg. gift wrappings with wine aromas, wine decanters, drop-stops, wine sleeves, etc.

For your event you can select from three different packages of wine, which are used on the gambling tables and for tasting. On request, you yourself can also choose the wines for your games following prior consultation with the sommeliers.