The wine casino

Casino Vinophil is utterly unique!
Combining the thrill of gambling with the unadulterated pleasure of self-indulgence, Casino Vinophil lures its guests into the glittering world of the casino – without any financial risk at all! Enjoy this extraordinary opportunity to savour the real delight of wines, entertainingly presented and hosted by a team of highly qualified and charming sommeliers.
Place your bets, please!

The Wine Casino

The highly-entertaining wine-tasting sessions are hosted by sommeliers rather than croupiers, and "played" on classic casino tables, whose high-quality surfaces have been designed specifically with the theme of wine in mind. So savour the delicious wines and place your bets – et rien ne va plus! Have you got a good nose? Is your palate deceiving you?
Are you deploying the right sensory faculties? Well the proof is in the tasting in this exclusive team game, which will test your knowledge of flavours and aromas, grape varieties and colours, wine regions and vintages.

The Casino Vinophil is opened – either by a moderator, the host himself, an artist, the sommeliers or in the form of a special presentation, all carefully tailored to suit your individual event. Armed with the right number of chips, the players then proceed to the Casino Vinophil gaming tables.
We would like to wish our guests good fortune and even greater pleasure when tasting and smelling the wines: Where is the tasted wine grown? Does it hail from abroad or even the old world? Did it mature in a stainless steel or an oak barrel? These and many other questions have to be resolved before the winner is decided.
Which guest will succeed in using the sommeliers’ tips and clues or even his own expertise to prove himself a genuine wine connoisseur and garner the prestigious prize at the end (usually after three hours)?

Around 35 people can play on the three tables at any one time - but, as in a real gambling casino, there is a brisk “coming and going” around the tables. Sometimes, a guest will just watch the Wine Black Jack, then join in the sommelier poker, before trying his luck at the next round of Grape-Variety Roulette. Hence, the wine casino is a highly enjoyable diversion, promoting interactive communication among the participants.
For parties of up to 140 guests, it is the ideal supporting programme to any event. To cater for larger groups, we can also lay on further attractions and additional entertainment. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Casino Vinophil is highly mobile. It can be deployed in any setting fulfilling the basic requirements. Forming the ideal accompaniment to a sophisticated evening event, it also provides an amusing and interactive programme at tradefairs.
We transport the tables to the venue, install and then dismantle them after the event. Depending on the concept of the event, the Casino can operate directly in the main hall or be assembled in an adjacent room.

Our Premium Products

Special Event Modules for Special Occasions. Our premium products take into account trends in the event industry and sometimes even set new trends themselves.
They add that little something special to your event and ensure “premium” entertainment.